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Plastic Free July

By illustrating Tips on how to reduce single use plastics I want to promote Plastic free July challenge, which I am taking right now. I believe this is a good way to gain valuable experience.

Nemuno Kilpomis 2016

Design from scratch for a public hiking event „Nemunas loops“ The main graphic element - curvy shapes resembling winding forest paths and river loops. Forest symbols and nature colours sets the mood of mild Lithuanian autumn. Hope you will enjoy!

reflective patterns

(in)visibility is a big issue where i live, Lithuania, especially during the winter and autumn seasons. Here is my take on how to improve visibility. Reflective patterns in clothing could be a way to look nice and be safer. Bright colours are also helpful in dim light.


Apsaugok mane

Rugsėjo 1 proga perėjos prie mokyklų Vilniuje bus papuoštos mano piešiniais, ačiū Fabula Hill Knowlton Strategies už pakvietimą dalyvauti, Lietuvos draudimas ir Vilniaus miesto savivaldybei, už tokių akcijų organizavimą, ir visiems, kurie prisideda ir kuria pozityvumą, taip žingsnis po žingsnio gerinant vaikų saugumą.

Math for kids

Illustrations and cover design for kids math exercise book.



A commic about super active guy Dominykas and his spontaneous adventures.



Map of Devilstone festival 20016

Baltic Sea

Series of illustrations explaining kids what do marine scientists explore in Baltic sea. created for exhibition in Klaipėda Sea Museum.


This is a short animated TV commercial for MAXIMA Lithuanian retail market. This animation is a collection of learning cards which involves all kinds of experiments for kids.

Director: Mantas Skrupskelis
Illustration: Milda Karpavičiūtė
Animation: Mantas Bačiuška
Production: TAPE

full video here:

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