Food posters

A series of murals created for family oriented food stores and restaurants area

Solution Lab

This mural project was created for the "SOLUTION LAB" IT office. The drawing's pattern was inspired by the logo made of triangle pieces. I also used a lot of details from nature and curvy, organic shapes to break the stiffness of a geometrical pattern. The few keywords was used to highlight the company's values and create more relaxed mood. Take a look !

Personal jungle

A personal work

Play room

a mystic and wild space to take an active break from office work
murals for "TECHNOPOLIS"

Riga & Tallinn

Drawings in Riga and Tallinn themed meeting rooms

Office Kitchen II

Office Kitchen I

Danske Bank Group IT Lithuania - DGITL

Walls for new "Danske Bank Group IT Lithuania - DGITL" building in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015 
7 floors,6 different artist. Each floor and work space have different theme. 
Antanas Dubra (art director, drawings (all floors)), Antanas Laukai (graphic design (all floors)), Kipras Kuris Piesia (II floor, starecases, etc.), A.Bran (III floors, etc.), Milda Karpavičiūtė (V floor), Ettoja Milk (VI floor), Martynas Aužbikavičius (VII floor)
Ausra Trakselyte (curator).
Special thanks to Menų kalvė & WSUP shop
More about project: 

DEEP SPACE - 5th floor

Built with